We are glad you are here! You may be in need of some direction or advice and that is what we having been doing since 1993. Our business has evolved over time to meet the growing needs and concerns of our clients and friends.

What started out as a mission to protect people’s assets from the costs of long-term care has evolved into protecting them from life’s other threats too. In 2002 a beloved couple of ours shared with us that they had lost all of their money in the stock market. They both were now working again when they had planned to retire in 2001. They thought they’d prepared properly as they had insured their assets against the costs of long-term care, but they didn’t realize how risky their investment portfolio was for them.

This was very eye-opening for us and we realized that we could do more to help people. We changed our business model and decided to help our clients protect their money from stock market losses and help them put a plan in place to guarantee their future income. The kind of income that keeps coming as long as you live and longer if you want to protect a spouse or partner. We accomplish this planning by using fixed annuities.

Many of our clients tell us they sleep better now and have peace of mind. If you need some guidance in protecting your retirement plan or savings please call or e-mail us. We’d love to have a conversation with you at no cost or obligation.

“Would you agree that the only person who can take care of the older person you will someday be – is the younger person you are now?”

– Unknown author